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Festival of colors

Holi is festival of colors and we all know that it is a great time for get-togethers, to enjoy sweets , to decorate home an the day the playing holi with colors. In all these we mustn't forget to pay attention to our health and to protect our skin and hair. It is good to play holy with natural colors because natural colours are made from flowers and herbs, but now they have been replaced by synthetic colors. So it is necessary to take some precaution before playing holi with colors

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Due to chemicals in colors it is necessary to take some precaution before playing holi

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1.Apply a layer of olive or coconut oil on your body.

2.Wear clothes that fully cover your body like-full sleeve and short neck top/kurta with full-length jeans/legging.

3.Apply make up on your face …it will give you attractive look and also protect your skin with colors because makeup make a layer on your skin


1.Apply mustard oil/coconut oil or any hair gel

2. Tie your hair or Cover your hair with scarf, stylish hair wigs or hats

3. If open hair suits on you and you don’t want to put oil in it then apply fresh aloe vera gel on your hair, keep for 30 minutes and wash it with cold water. … it will make a protective layer on your hair.


1. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

2. in case colours enter into your eyes, never rub your eyes and immediately wash your eyes with cold water

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1. Remove expensive jewelry one day before like diamond ring, earrings etc

2. Avoid wearing contact lenses.

3. 1. To give yourself trendy look wear your old colorful traditional dresses with some traditional artificial jewelry carry with colorful scarf and long heavy necklace, never try to wear heavy earrings.

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Gujhiya and sweets are main dishes in holi. We can not enjoy Holi without these traditional dishes but we can follow some tips to take care of our health.

1. Keep youself hydrated

2. Enjoy sweets and deep fried rich food but in less quantity

3. Always try to balance your sugar and salt intake means if lunch is full of calories than take boiled or steam cooked dishes in dinner

4. Enjoy Thandai its full of nutrients

5. Have lemon water or orange juice to prevent infections due to colors

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Wish you all a very very happy holi... happynari.com

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