Mrs. Kanchan srivastava
Works at bp America

Born and raised in Nepal by age of 19 got married . Blessed with 2 beautiful kids,and after 5year with my husband and 2 kids we migrated to USA. With the family trying to settle down with our new life here in America, I went to nursing school and obtained my license. I had an opportunity to land on a job that utilize my skills and talent. I suffer with many challenges After four years, I am now working in one of the best hospital in the US which fully support my intention of furthering my career in nursing.Being in America so many years I realize that definition of women is not limited to o being a faithful wife and loving mother but it’s also enriching self as a person. Its a balance of family, self, and career. It is what empowers me to do more and become more. It’s a statement that women can enjoy both family and career and can be a productive citizen of the society. Being an independent woman I am defined by what I achieved for myself and different from what is dictated by the society. That I am a loving wife, caring mom but most importantly I am my own self that is independent and resilient