Ms Pooja Gupta
Overseas Business Head , Delhi

Pooja: The mom who teaches you to face the music Pooja Gupta is a lot more than just a successful mom. She proudly wore the Miss Delhi University crown in 1998. Not only that, the streak was continued the consecutive two years when Pooja bagged the title of gold medallist Pune University in the year 2000. Once her cap was loaded with feathers from the field of academics, Ms. Gupta spent every minute of her leisure time in grooming herself and her children. She mentored all new moms that came along her way and enrolled herself as a parent counsellor in many schools. Pooja helps women of all age maintain a healthy lifestyle/ “I believe that working out on a regular basis along with maintaining a healthy diet is the key to a long and content life. Treat your body like a temple and watch your life transform from the Midas touch,” Pooja has always been a workout enthusiast and encourages the women around her to be the same. Being an active aerobics instructor is also one of her many facets. As for her children, Pooja is the proud mother of two beautiful girls, aged 18 and 13. She believes in nurturing them with a close watch on mental health and development. The rollercoaster of life took her and the kids to many different states and countries where she came in contact with experienced mothers. Like a sage who thrives in the proximity of learnt ones, Pooja picked up tips and tricks of motherhood as she travelled. Pooja is now an active businesswoman working at Mechmaark Filtech India Pvt. Ltd. She works on herself as an individual with a hectic schedule of workout and a proper diet. You can't tell her from her daughter apart now! “Self-love is a concept that I picked up a little later in life. It’s common knowledge to all women that throughout their children’s initial years, every woman’s life revolves around making it better at every step. We worry about what they eat, what they wear, and so on. We start our day by getting our kids ready for school and end it with putting them to bed for school the next day. Even when they’re at school, we’re thinking about them. We tend to forget that we have a life of our own because of how it’s always intertwined with our children’s lives. This is something we come to realise when our children grow up and are ready to leave for college. Some women find it very hard to go on without their children; which is why I strongly believe that mothers should start preparing for this from an early stage. Learn to spend time with yourselves. Have a small social circle that you can go out with. By the time you hit your 40s, you should be your own person. Start pursuing your hobbies, start working out, meditating and reading. Start loving yourself and you’ll never be afraid of being all alone. That’s what womanhood is all about. Celebrating yourself every day from dusk till dawn. Life has so much to offer you. It’s all about who wakes up and takes it by choice every single day.”